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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Vento Phantom Update

Although I could not find a representative sample tonight in my visit referrals list, its interesting that I am getting nearly one visitor every day to Wasted Electrons after they Google Vento Phantom scooters. So I guess I'm ever so slowly getting the word out about the Phantom's missing 25cc.

I even received an email tonight asking if my address was still good, somebody wants to ask me about Vento, and the emailer said they were having a problem with Vento. Maybe they will write back tomorrow.

Rumor on the web has it that Vento may actually be putting the real 150cc engines in the 2005 models. They have updated their website to show a bore and stroke that adds up to 150cc. Their online parts catalog is still incorrect though.

I've been too busy to be tinkering with my scoot though it has been nearly warm enough to be riding this week. The weather's been almost reaching the 50 degree mark in the afternoons- very weird! But soon I'll be spending for the big-bore kit to make my scoot be an actual 150cc and I'll be ready to go for spring.

I'm also looking at an alternative exhaust pipe and muffler for my Vento. I've removed the muffler to tinker and that thing is heavy! It must weigh 10 pounds and it seems restrictive as hell. There are a couple places to buy pipes, this one at MotoVento is pretty popular. (You have to click the Speed Shop button to see the pipe). I'm actually looking to use a SuperTrapp muffler and perhaps having a new exhaust pipe bent to match the current one. I want to use the 3" chrome internal disc silencer about half way down the page.

I still need a lawyer that wants to represent every Phantom R4i purchaser in a false advertising suit...

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